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Support Appeal

Can you help? Nearly a year ago a few us were stopped at the Moldovan/Transnistrian border by the immigration officers. They were refusing us entry as they were very concerned about a virus that was being talked about in Asia. We eventually gained entrance to Transnistria but we never thought then that would be our last visit of 2020.

Almost a year later and we still can’t see any visits to the Red Roofs in the near future. The pandemic is very prevalent in the country and the red roofs has not escaped it. 4 of the children and 5 of the staff ended up in hospital. Everyone has now fully recovered and we have introduced even stricter protocols when entering our campus.

However, in spite of the virus our work is still ongoing. We were able to donate much needed PPE to the local schools and kindergarten. Again thanks to many people who contributed to our Christmas appeal were able to deliver trailers of logs to the elderly folk in the village. The pandemic has brought even more poverty to the local village so it was great to be being able to deliver food hampers to the most needy.

However, the pandemic is having a negative impact on many people in our own country and the charity has not escaped it. Due to the closure of the shops our income has dropped dramatically. March will see our shops being closed for 6 months out of the last year and to date we have not been able to access any government funding. We really would appreciate your help in any way. We have been blessed and encouraged by the generosity of friends over this period in helping to keep the work going.

If you feel that you can help in any way we would be very grateful.

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About Us

Established in 2001, Vision of Good Hope is a charity which is making a difference to the lives of many people, particularly children, in one of the poorest regions in Eastern Europe.

Based in Northern Ireland the charity owns and operates an orphanage situated in rural Transnistria (a separatist region in the country of Moldova) where we:

  • house a number of children ensuring they are fed, clothed, educated and loved
  • provide employment opportunities for local people
  • support local families, projects and institutions

To us, our orphanage is known as the House of Hope, but locally it is known as the Red Roofs (or more accurately, красные крыши!) due to its distinctive appearance within the local surroundings.